Event service

maximum attraction with the use of virtual reality

Event service

maximum attraction with the use of virtual reality

ZIncrease the attractiveness of your event and attract crowds


We offer rental sets for presenting virtual reality and their support.

We will present you with amazing possibilities of technical solutions from the future. You will see for the first time how to smooth PC games when you are inside – exactly as we will be playing in the future.

We enable single player as well as multiplayer games and we provide demonstration programs that allow for a quiet exploration of virtual reality – ideal for people who do not like playing computer games.

Our employees will ensure the maximum attraction with the use of virtual reality for both people who do not play games on a daily basis and for experienced “hardocore” players. They are fluent in English, thanks to which we can offer our services also outside the country.

We care about hygiene – every visitor assumes a one-off hygiene mask.

We have prepared a dedicated roller coaster with the option of branding, product placement, etc.


Virtual reality will attract crowds.

Nobody will pass indifferently next to a person with a box on his head performing strange movements and screaming.

Who will try once, will bring friends.

Promotional events

Visitors will be positively surprised, they will remember the brand better and will identify it with modernity and innovation.

The wide range of VR experiences will allow you to match the theme to any type of event.

Trade fairs

Nothing attracts as much as technological innovation and the opportunity to see something for the first time.

Stand out with a remarkable adventure on your booth.

Integration events

Nothing connects the team like the opportunity to have fun, which will remain in your memory for a long time.

We can organize a multiplayer game, a tournament but also fun in a virtual reality that is attractive to both the player and those watching him.

We provide an amazing experience

Something you will experience for the first time.
Extremely intense experience
The event will remain in your memory for a long time

We were< here:

An exciting experience in VR, a sense of speed, falling from a great height, colored with fantastic 3D effects, and inside – your logo, your products …
Do you want more changes? Do you have an idea for your own application?
Experience an amazing rollercoaster ride in the cool scenery generated entirely inside the computer.
Huge heights, terrifying speeds, an extremely dangerous track, all in the absolutely safe conditions of virtual reality.
These are experiences that can not be described and there is no way to tell about them. You must try for yourself to be able to understand it.